Randy Callicoat

Growing up in Utah I was always involved with sports, motorcycles, and ATV's due to a very outdoor, recreational family. Whether it was wrestling at a national level, racing BMX and dirt bikes as a kid, I learned what adrenaline was all about. As I grew up I strayed away from most mainstream sports and started putting all I had into bikes! You can find me on a dirt bike track, mountain bike dirt jumper, or at the lot going full throttle on my sport-bike! Riding bikes and pushing limits is my true passion!

Rider Callicoat

At age 2, Rider began riding bikes and motorcycles and hasn't stopped! Riding along side his dad Randy, Rider has already performed in front of multiple events and only has more coming! What the future holds for this kid is unimaginable and we are so excited to be on the journey with him. Keep your eyes on the lookout for this protege because theres no telling where he is going but Team BAM! will get him wherever that is!


Jared Laurent

Representing Albuqueque, NM and the Southwest Lifestyle, Jared has been riding for all his life and Sportbike Freestyle riding for over 7 years now! Still riding a Kawasaki ZX-636r, he still manages to push the limit and get better! Holding onto sponsorships such as BAM!, New Breed Stunt Parts, and 5th Gear Sprockets, Jared is becoming a well known name in the Sportbike Freestyle game! One of the few people in the sport doing “Switchback” stunts! Check out some video clips below to watch him in action!

Andrew Talbott

My name is Andrew Talbott and I am the first airborne athlete to join Team BAM!. I have been skydiving since 2010 and my area of expertise is in Wingsuit flying. Originally from Park City Utah, I grew up immersed in many extreme sports from skiing, rock climbing, downhill mountain biking, and many more. But none have been able to compare to the intensity of Wingsuit flying. Now residing in Salt Lake City, I travel the the world living my passion in search of the best birds eye view I can find, at the fastest speed I can view it from. I hope to bring a different element to Team BAM! by showing our fans that Wingsuit flying is world class. So keep an eye in the sky for your boy Andrew and Team BAM!!

Justus Vatanen

Began riding at a very young age, Justus Vatanen from Kuopio, Finland is amongst the very best in the world at Sportbike Freestyle riding! Started out on a Suzuki and than made the switch to his Kawasaki ZX-636r at the start of the 2015 season.. The one thing everybody knows about this kid is that he LOVES to ride FAST! Full throttle and always pushing the limit is what has brought Justus to the main spotlight in Action-Sports! Get ready because Justus and us here at BAM! have big things coming on the horizon!


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