by J-V

Reppin' West Coast sunshine!
Being a gypsy most of his life, 
Joshua Vargas, alias J-V aka J to the V, was born in Montebello / Los Angeles County, CA bouncing around SO-CAL before landing in Salt Lake, UT for most of his latter years. Growing up inside of a musical household, Josh spent hour after hour playing the drums, singing, and developing sound to call his own. Growing up he was influenced by every genre of music and anything with real raw emotion. Music has always been at the center of Josh's heart and it's forever engrained into soulBut oddly enough it was in Tooele, UT where the quiet kid who wrote poetry in his school notebook started to put it to a beat then after nervously stepping up to a microphone, he forever altered his path in life. J-V continues to evolve his sound and has set out to change the world that surrounds him through his music..... STAY TUNED!

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